Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr Toad goes to Washington

I was in Washington, DC recently for a bike conference/summit/lobby session. It was my first time in DC and I learned a lot about the political process and American history. My new hero is Thomas Jefferson. His presence and influence is everywhere.

I stayed with a family in nearby Virginia and took the Metro (subway) and the Slug Line (car pool hitch-hiking) into the city. The family is involved with Trips for Kids - a non-profit group who gives disadvantaged children opportunities to go mountain biking.

I felt very comfortable in DC since everyone in the city loves to talk about politics and big issues. I met some great people, rubbed elbows with the players in the bike advocacy scene and even had the chance to see dozens of museums and monuments.

The highlight of the trip: meeting with Senator Barbara Boxer's staff to discuss mountain bikers concerns with the California Wilderness Heritage Act 2006 - which will designate 2.4 M acres of land in CA as Wilderness area (meaning no bikes). High stakes, big responsibility, nice suit.

It was an incredible trip and it's not the last time I'll be going to DC. In fact, I can't wait to go next year!

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xcslowpoke said...


Just happened to be looking at Blogs recently. Noticed the hair is getting long again. Hope all is well in SC. We are enjoying Boston. Flowers are starting to come up now if the temperatures would warm up. I'm involved with NEMBA (New England Mountain Biker's Association) but just getting to understand the issues. Hope all is well.